Amy Lee Ketchum, 2018 Finalist

Amy Lee Ketchum creates poetic narratives and abstract worlds in her animations which draw from personal and collective memory, metaphysical narratives, and dance. She was raised by first-generation Chinese immigrants in Los Angeles and studied art and architecture at UC Berkeley. Upon returning to Los Angeles, and frequenting independent theaters, she discovered her passion for film. Inspired by visions of phantasmagoria on screen, she went on to pursue a Masters of Fine Art in Animation at the University of Southern California. Her independent films have been screened at the LACMA, international festivals, and on the Centre Pompidou web channel. She has also directed commissioned animations for documentary television and organizations such as the ACLU. Currently she is making an experimental stop-animation with cardboard objects, and teaches at the Tyler School of Art and the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Fellowship completed: 
Sunday, June 30, 2019