In-Between a new work by Sun Young Kang

CFEVA Fellow Sun Young Kang arranges thousands of small sheets of rolled paper to create a multi-dimensional, metaphysical experience that questions the boundary between inside and outside, presence and absence. The simplicity of her medium allows the viewer to ponder how the boundary of the physical implies the nonphysical.

Visit CFEVA’s gallery and explore this interactive installation and participate in its creation.


from the artist's website:
Nearly every facet of life that we understand is dependent on our visual perception of the world, predisposing us to only see the “present.” But it is not difficult to perceive that our world is composed of two antithetical ideas: presence and absence, life and death. These ideas can be understood in the Buddhist philosophy of “Emptiness”—every existence, every single moment that has ever existed, can only conceived as between the past and the future. The abstract nature of this concept is often difficult to grasp, but my work is an attempt to secularize this fundamental idea.

October 11
November 7, 2014
artist reception: 
Thursday, October 16, 2014
CFEVA Gallery
237 South 18th Street Suite 3A
Philadelphia, PA 19103