Spatial Complexities: Archiving Beauty from Chaos

Curated by CFEVA’s 2017 Visiting Curator, Leeza Ahmady, Spatial Complexities: Archiving Beauty from Chaos features painting, sculpture, photography, installation, and prints by four artists: Amir Hariri, Francesca Pfister, Agathe Bouton and Natessa Amin. Ahmady selected work that takes on the aesthetics of today’s built environments, using the frameworks of architecture, technology, and design as entry points for processing spatial experience, time and memory.

“I chose works that embodied each artist’s poetic transformation of their various spatial encounters into compelling new compositions that function as archives in their own right”, notes Ahmady. “While this archival element may not be literal or intentional on the part of the artists, I found it to be an intriguing conceptual denominator connecting the works as artistic stands against entropy—the gradual decline of all things living and nonliving into disorder, chaos, and decay. What is evidently inspiring is how each artist’s experimentation with methods of preservation, renewal and resistance leads to new imaginaries. Namely, the act of appropriating loss, decay, and deterioration (physical, psychic, or energetic) as an essential physical aspect of the world can be transmuted or recycled back into order, serenity and beauty." -Leeza Ahmady, 2017 Visiting Curator

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Since 2005, Leeza Ahmady has been an independent curator and the Director of Asia Contemporary Art Week (ACAW), a dynamic platform that brings together leading New York and Asia-based art institutions through cutting-edge exhibitions, innovative projects, and provocative dialogue. The initiative has showcased more than 2,000 artists over the course of its 8 editions. Ahmady has also staged 4 iterations of FIELD MEETING, ACAW’s acclaimed annual two-day forum centered around the medium of lecture-performance. Since 2014, the program has featured 200 diverse creative minds from across Asia and around the world through newly conceived performances, lectures, and lively discussions at venues such as The Metropolitan Museum, Asia Society, Performa, and Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. In addition to her work with ACAW, Ahmady has presented numerous exhibitions and programs at such venues as dOCUMENTA (13), ICI-Independent Curators International, MoMA Museum of Modern Art, Tyler Rollins Fine Art, Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art, Venice Biennial, and Istanbul Biennial, among others. Learn more at.

August 14
September 22, 2017
artist reception: 
Thursday, September 7, 2017
The Center For Emerging Visual Artists
237 S 18th St 3A
Philadelphia, PA 19103