ArtBox @ Lincoln Square

ArtBox @ Lincoln Square

The Center for Emerging Visual Artists is thrilled to feature the work of Philadelphia artist Sebastien Leclercq in the inaugural exhibition of the ArtBox @ Lincoln Square at 1000 S Broad Street. In this installation, Untitled (Straw Installation), the artist asks the viewer to consider an ambiguous system. The work describes an elusive structure where objects jettison pieces of themselves to create new shapes in an ongoing process of dissolution and evolution. 

Crafted from plastic drinking straws and paper clips, this work first acted as a sketch for a set of drawings for the artist entitled, Immigrant. “In my practice sketches can be drawings, sculptures, installations or photographs and I usually don’t know in what category a finished work will be,” explains the artist.

Sebastien Leclercq was born in Paris, from the age of six he was home-schooled on his family’s sailboat around the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean. After his family immigrated the United States he received art degrees from the University of Washington and from the Massachusetts College of Art.

Sebastien has exhibited in New York and Philadelphia but most recently has had a photo exhibit with his partner Tasha Doremus travel to four venues in Finland including the Finish National Maritime Museum. He has a studio in Philadelphia where he also works as a project manager for a fine arts services company.

November 22
May 13, 2019
ArtBox @ Lincoln Square
1000 S Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146