Baggage, by Dave Tavacol at ArtBox @ Shirt Corner

Tavacol’s Baggage takes inspiration from high-end fashion and luxury brands and their ability to transform profane materials into sacred objects. Modern conglomerates like LVMH (Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Dior) and Kering (Gucci, Alexander McQueen, St. Laurent) sell the representation of luxury to a mass market, capturing imagination and putting on truly inspiring brilliant shows. This spellbinding creative work is loaded with emotional and conceptual baggage. Aside from beautiful things, the work they make is strategically “rare” and outrageously priced. Tavacol explores these ideas in his work, referencing the fashion industry in faux crocodile, emu and alligator hides, embellished purse charms and tiny embroidery scissors– each designed to be displayed and coveted.

Coming together under the name Noble Drainage, Tavacol’s work often features drain iconography which can be seen in the larger piece, McQueen. The drains serve as a metaphor for salvation and redemption and the inverted droplet references water that allows for transgressions to be washed away.

Dave Tavacol was born Washington DC and raised in Northern Virginia. He earned an undergraduate degree in Marketing and a Minor in Studio Art from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia in 1992. Tavacol headed west to attend the San Francisco Art Institute where he earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in New Genres in 1997. He moved into marketing and commercial creative development in 2000 and recently served as Associate Creative Director with QVC. Tavacol’s work has been shown on both coasts and was included in last year’s juried exhibition at Philadelphia’s Vox Populi – VOX XII: News and the Weather. He currently pursues an active studio practice at his Live/Work space in Old City Philadelphia, PA that he shares with his pit bull mix, Maddy.

May 1
July 21, 2017
ArtBox @ Shirt Corner
259 Market Street
Philadelphia 19106