“My works begin as ephemeral installations of the simple words I've amassed. The found words, infused with a rich past and distinctive history, are re-appropriated to breathe new life and tell a new story. They are created out of the visceral, cathartic act of destroying yards of opulent silk.

It only takes a couple of words to tell a good story. A single word can evoke something very different in each of us. The same word can tell a tale that's tragic, romantic, heartbreaking, or hopeful, depending on who is reading it. Keep an eye out for my next story whipping in the wind on a street near you...”

-Aubrie Costello


Aubrie Costello is a fiber artist from Philadelphia working to blur the lines between fine and street art. Known for her ephemeral site-specific silk installations, Costello’s work explores the tension between what’s kept private versus what’s shared publicly. Her process utilizes the expressive nature of silk to personify her growing collection of found phrases, verses, mantras, and quotations gathered from the world around her. These words are intuitively written in yards of hand-shredded dupioni silk and sewn into large-scale silk flags. 

October 30
January 15, 2018
ArtBox @ Shirt Corner
259 Market St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106